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Paid Internship of €640pm

Welcome to Cyprus

We work with Colleges and Universities that offers you Undergraduate and Postgraduate UK certificate courses appropriate here in Cyprus. This at last methods you get the chance to consider on a UK course with lower educational cost costs, less everyday costs and a degree from the “most noteworthy positioning UK University offering degree courses in Cyprus!”.

Choosing to examine for a degree isn’t a simple decision; it requires an abnormal state of responsibility and devotion so as to succeed. At Global Student Connect we comprehend this and endeavor to make your time with us a charming, fulfilling and advantageous experience.

We empower civility, thought and collaboration, esteem scholarly opportunity, look for uniformity of chance and give for understudies explicit requirements. We esteem understudy’s association in basic leadership at all dimensions of study and we support and guide understudies to take advantage of the learning openings gave and cooperate to enhance the nature of the earth.

The estimation of your degree depends on keeping up excellent scholastic models by schools and Universities. It is these principles that will be perceived and increased in value by potential businesses and ensure your CV has an edge over others. We are straightforward about our desires and evaluations and we will work intimately with you so you can meet our principles and accomplish your aspirations.

Cyprus Colleges and Universities have encountered teachers, scholarly specialists and expert care staff who are focused on giving you an instructive ordeal that will support your autonomy, assemble your transferable abilities and build up your basic reasoning. Through creative learning strategies you will be urged to reinforce your capacity to work and learn autonomously to try your subject information.

There are sure qualities that everybody at Cyprus College shares. Cyprus graduates are scholastically disapproved, investigate talented, practice-educated, inventive, moral and universally mindful. They are eager, propelled and prepared for work and additionally further investigation. These are only a portion of the trademark attributes that settle on our alumni an undeniable decision for business.

A College training and a University degree can change your life and en route, it will furnish you with the chance to go out on a limb, move yourself, create free reasoning, accomplish your goals and assemble kinships that will endure forever.

We give free online help to understudies for their Higher Education.

Cyprus Application Procedure

We provide free online support to students for their Higher Education.

In brief for Cyprus Application procedure

  • The student sends the required documents to us by email ( INFO@GLOBALEDVANTAGEOVERSEAS.COM ) or handing over documents to one of our branches
  • We will assess the documents and get the initial approval
  • We will arrange the offer letter within 3 working days
  • Now document preparation. All the documents have to be attested from various authorities. We guide through the whole process
  • Once all the documents are ready, Send them to us and we will arrange the visa application in Cyprus
  • Visa approval confirmation within 4 to 8 weeks – Now the tuition fees have to be sent to the college
  • We will arrange the original visa confirmation which needs to be taken to local embassy of Cyprus and they will stamp the visa
  • While entering Cyprus the student must need to show Euros 2000 (cash) at the airport.

For further information kindly contact us through Email ( INFO@GLOBALEDVANTAGEOVERSEAS.COM)

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