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Welcome to Lithuania


Lithuania is at a crossroad between west and east Europe, and throughout its history has developed a unique culture, which encompasses both deep respect for traditions and robust wish to learn and innovate.

  • Capital: Vilnius
  • Climate: Oceanic & Humid Continental Climate
  • Diverse Architecture
  • Currency: Euro
  • Low Living Cost
  • Low Visa Rejection

Study In Lithuania

We provide free online support to students for their Higher Education.

In brief for Lithuania Application procedure

  • The student sends the required documents to us by email ( INFO@GLOBALEDVANTAGEOVERSEAS.COM ) or handing over documents to one of our branches
  • Initial approval
  • Pay application fee (Non Refundable)
  • We will arrange the offer letter within a week
  • Pay Tuition fee
  • Arrange Visa letter and Accommodation letter
  • Book visa application appointment
  • Prepare the required documents(full guidance provided)
  • Submit application to the Embassy
  • Visa Decision
  • Make travel arrangements

Vilnius College Of Technology And Design

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design is the third largest university of applied sciences in Lithuania and was established in 1954. The main features are

  • Professional Bachelor Degrees (Job oriented programs)
  • Practice oriented teaching
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Low accommodation charge
  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • Close co-operation with social partners and provides professional services to business.

Courses offered in the University

Bachelor Programs

  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor in Multimedia Design
  • Bachelor in Transport Logistics
  • Bachelor in Electrical & Auto Engineering

Tuition Fees: €2,210
Duration of Study: 3 years


  • On campus dormitory
  • €87 per month
  • The bedrooms have two or three beds each

Kaunas University Of Technology

The oldest technological university in Lithuania established in 1922 and ranked 1st among Lithuanian technical universities according to national rankings and also ranked among top 4 percent of world universities.

  • Kaunas is the second largest city of Lithuania
  • Vilnius is more convenient for the arrival by plane. Vilnius is just 100 km away from Kaunas. Lithuania has three international airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga
  • KTU offers Lithuanian language course (A1, A2, B1) free of charge or as a part of the study programme (as freely chosen course)
  • University offers numerous scholarships to those who are good at studies, research or are active in the University’s life. University’s scholarship fund consists of money from state budget, firms and individual donations.
  • In the beginning of each semester a Dean of a faculty appoints the degree students who demonstrate very good study results for scholarship. The students are ranked based on CGPA within the faculty, study programme and the year of study. The scholarship is assigned automatically and the student does not need to apply for it.
  • Stay Back Option: According to new law, the graduates can stay for another 6 months after the graduation to search for a job or other study / business / volunteering opportunities in Lithuania.

Bachelors Degree Programmes (4 years)

  • Architecture
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Informatics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Export Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Transport Electronics
  • Vehicle Engineering
  • Applied Chemistry

 Master’s Degree Programmes

  • Business Economics
  • International Business
  • Management (Specialisation Marketing Management)
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Informatics
  • Control Technologies
  • Environmental Management & Cleaner Production
  • Graphic Communication Engineering & Management
  • Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Mechatronics
  • Metrology & Measurements
  • Technology Management
  • Applied Physics
  • Medical Physics
  • Public Policy
  • Social Policy
  • Fashion Engineering
  • Plastics Engineering
  • Textile Engineering
  • Wood Engineering
  • Humanities (1 programme)
  • Physical Sciences (2 programmes)
  • Social Sciences (5 programmes)
  • Technological Sciences (8 programmes)

Aleksandras Stulginskis University

Bachelors Degree Programme

  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Masters Degree Programme

  • Master of Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Master of Biomass Engineering
  • Master of Water Engineering
  • Master of Finance

Klaipeda University Of Applied Sciences

Bachelors Degree

  • Business Management
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dietetics
  • Electrical and Automation Equipment
  • General Practice Nursing
  • Geodesy – Engineering
  • Informatics – Physical Sciences
  • Logistics Management Social Sciences
  • Physiotheraphy

Tuition fee – €2,500 to €3,500
Duration – 3 years
Eligibility – 55% above

SMK University

Bachelor Programs

  • Bachelor of Tourism & Leisure (V)
  • Bachelor of Programming (V)
  • Bachelor of International Business (V)
  • Joint Degree of Professional Bachelor in International Marketing (V/K) (2nd year in Poland University of Economy)

Tuition Fees: €2,800 per year
Course Duration: 3 years

* V – Vilnius Campus    * K – Klaipeda Campus

Vilnius University


Bachelor in Business Management (Accounts)
Bachelor in Technological Sciences
Bachelor in Business Management (Management)
Bachelor in Humanities
Bachelor in Humanities(Russian)
Bachelor in Humanities (Philology)
Bachelor in Business Management (Global Marketing)
Bachelor in Social Sciences (Quantitative Economics)
Bachelor in Information Sciences
Bachelor in International Business Management
Master of Life Sciences (Biochemistry)
Master in Business Management
Master of Life Sciences (Biophysics)
Master in Social Sciences (Communication)
Master in Physical Sciences (Cartography)
Master in Business Project Management
Master in Physical Sciences (Chemistry )
Master in Physical Sciences (Physics)
Master in Computing
MBA in Entrepreneurship
Master in Digital Marketing
Master in Business Management (Marketing)
Master in Social Sciences (Political Sciences)
Master in Technological Sciences
Master in Engineering Sciences
Master in Mathematical Sciences
Master in Humanities
Master in Mathematical Sciences (Data Analysis)
Master in Humanities (Media Linguistics)
Master of Life Sciences (Molecular Biology)
Master in Social Sciences (Finace Banking)
Master of Technological Sciences (Molecular Biotechnology)
Master in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics Sciences
Master of Life Sciences (Neurobiology)
Master in Information Systems (Financial Technology)
Master of Technological Sciences (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
Master of Life Sciences (Genetics)
Master in Business Management (Quality Management)
Master of Physical Sciences (Geology)
Master in Computing Sciences (Software Engineering)
Master in Business Management (Global Business and Economics)
Master of Health Sciences (Systems Biology)
Master of Computing Sciences (Informatics)
Master in Law (Technologies Law)
Masters in International and European Union Law
Master in Physical Sciences(Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics)

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