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The USA is a vast country, and every state is unique in its culture, climate, history, economy and more. New York is very different than Alaska The  USA has the world’s largest international student population, with over 800,000 students choosing to broaden their education and life experience in the United States. Nearly 4% of all students enrolled in higher-level education in the USA are international students, and the numbers are growing. From the mid-1950’s, when international student enrollment was only just reaching 35,000, international education in the USA has come a long way. 

Every year, the number of international students in the US rises as more and more students choose the Unites States as the place they wanted to broaden their experience and continue their education. In fact, the US is now the most popular country for international students. 

The United States is home to several thousand colleges and universities, boasting at least ten times as many campuses as in any other country. As a result, the higher education system in the U.S. has something for everyone. Some U.S. colleges and universities stress broad educational principles; others emphasize practical, employment-related skills; and still others specialize in the arts, social sciences or technical fields. This means that no matter what you plan on studying, you will have a wide variety of programs in your particular field  from which to choose.

There are many reasons that students like to come to the USA to study at the undergraduate and graduate level . The application process for US colleges and universities can be extensive and confusing, and many international students are intimidated by the number of steps required. From SATs, TOEFL and other tests, to essay writing, credential evaluation and more, we have created an easy-to-follow timeline and breakdown to help you through the application process.

USA Application Procedure

We provide easiest admission process to USA universities. Free online support to students for their Higher Education.

In brief for USA Application procedure

  • The student sends the required documents to us by email ( INFO@GLOBALEDVANTAGEOVERSEAS.COM ) or handing over documents to one of our branches
  • We will assess the documents and get the initial approval
  • Student sends the original Bank statement and solvency certificate. Also sponsor affidavit, if needed.
  • Arrange I-20 within 7 days.
  • Now document preparation. We will guide through the whole process.
  • Book visa appointment.
  • Visa interview.
  • Visa Decision.
  • Pay tuition fees
  • Travel to USA.

For further information kindly contact us through Email (INFO@EARTHLINK.ORG.UK), Live Chat in our website or Skype ID Earthlinkuk

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